Tech Solidarity NL meetup #15

This time we envisioned the future of our designs with a particular focus on their potential darker sides. We used value scenarios, a technique for envisioning the systemic effects of new technologies. It combines the valueoriented approach of Value Sensitive Design (subject of some of our previous sessions) with the narrative structure of traditional scenario-based design and the evocative work of design noir.

Elements of a value scenario:

  • Stakeholders: envision a scala of effects on direct and indirect stakeholders
  • Pervasiveness: assume the technology widespread (geographical, cultures, social classes, other contexts)
  • Time: envision the future, 5-20 years from now
  • Systemic effects: explore the interaction of technology, psychology, society, culture and the environment
  • Value implications: consider positive but especially negative effects

Original announcement:

Our next meetup happens Monday, December 3 at Sensor Lab from 19:00–21:00 (doors open 18:30) and is about Dark Design Scenarios.

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

We continue our deep dive into tools that help put human values at the heart of the design process. This time we will envision the future of our designs with a particular focus on their potential darker sides.

In previous meetups, our community has identified several ways of bringing ideas from Value Sensitive Design (VSD) into a typical UX process. One of these ways is to envision a technology’s value impact over longer time frames and at larger scales of adoption. Traditionally, only positive effects are taken into account. But we will use value scenarios to also imagine negative effects. A sort of DIY Black Mirror.

To kick off this meetup we will summarize VSD and introduce value scenarios. After that, we will work together to apply it to real-world design problems. We will find out how this tool can help us and how it might be developed further.

For reports of our previous meetups on VSD, see:

Venue & RSVP

We meet at Sensor Lab in Utrecht on Monday, December 3. We start at 19:00 and wrap up around 21:00. (Doors open 18:30.) Admission fee is 5 euros payable at the door.

To RSVP, send an email to [email protected]. Hope to see you there!